Of Magic & Machine

Welcome to a world where airships fill the sky, automatons prepare your afternoon tea, and magic awaits those who can control it.

She’s the daughter of an earl with a secret no one can know. He’s a mage who has sacrificed everything to save those he loves. They were born worlds apart, but inside a city drenched in magic, anything is possible.

Unmarried at the age of six-and-twenty, Lady Elizabeth “Bits” Warner has become a burden to her family. Therefore, she isn’t surprised when they pack her on a train bound for Scotland and a fiancé she has never met. She’s not surprised, but she is terrified.

In Corrigan, a walled-off city that serves as refuge to those capable of using the aether to cast spells and concoct potions, Ezra Nash is devoted to healing the sick and injured. Between his work as a surgeon and caring for his sisters, he doesn’t have time for distractions.

When the train Bits is traveling on explodes, she finds herself inside the gates of Corrigan and under Ezra’s care. The two are drawn to one another, but it will take more than attraction to overcome the difference in their stations and the secrets they hide from the world.


Alice Parish expects very little of her marriage – a quiet home in the country, a husband she will only have to tolerate on the rarest of occasions, and eventually another child to love. Yet, instead of pointing their carriage toward Scotland, the Marquess of Driscoll takes them to London where airships fill the sky and the Touched are seen as less than human. She knows she should leave, but how can she when Driscoll is waking up parts of her heart she thought dead?

Damien Parish knows very little about Society and even less about being a husband, yet he requires both a wife and the ton to regain control of his inheritance. Marrying the Duke of Sidhe’s sister seemed the perfect answer to his problems, but Alice is more than just a woman of good breeding. She makes him long to be a better husband, a better man.

Their marriage of convenience seems destined to be something more until Alice’s past catches up with them. Can they survive the reckoning with both their hearts and lives intact?

A Thief Like Time: An Of Magic & Machine Novella
Coming 2018

A Heart Like Glass
Coming 2018